VERTICAL BRACKETS: The amount of brackets supplied will vary depending on the width of the track.



Mark out the positions for the brackets at the desired distance. If fitting to architrave and the track has an overhang that goes past the window frame, fix the end brackets in line with the edge of the architrave. For recessed mounts or face mounts without the overhang, then position the end brackets a minimum of 100mm from the ends of the track. Evenly space the rest of the supplied brackets along the window frame or recess. If fixing to timber use the screws provided otherwise use a suitable wall fixing.


Take the vertical track and starting with the central bracket, hook the front of the track into the forward lip of the bracket. Make sure the track is centre to the window. Now click the track into place by rotating the back of the track up to the rear of the bracket. Once you hear it click into place repeat for each bracket.


Make sure the hooks are facing one end of the track by rotating the track carrier. Spread the carries out by drawing the wand of cord. Unroll the slats and hook onto the carries working from one end of the track to the other. If your track has a centre opening and chained weights, after hanging the slats gently partially open the blind till it becomes visible where the centre is. Trim the chain in the center to allow full opening.