Venetian blinds come supplied with 2 installation brackets and centre brackets with larger sized blinds. Also supplied are 20mm self tapping screws for use when fixing to timber. Always handle your blind by the metal head rail.

  1. Place your valance to one side, this will be installed last.
  2. Identify the end brackets which will be marked L for left and R for Right. 
  3. Space the centre support brackets out evenly making sure that the bracket is more than 900mm apart 
  4. Place your brackets on the top edge of your architrave and mark the holes with a pencil. Pre drilling 2mm holes at the pencil mark will make life easier. 
  5. Screw your brackets into place, open the gates and slide your venetian head rail into place. 
  6. Close the gates and ensure you hear them click to confirm fully closed and locked into place. 
  7. Attach the child safety device and ensure all cords are kept out of the reach of children. 
  8. Install your valance using the clips provided and you blind is now fully installed correctly.