Roller blinds come supplied with 2 installation brackets. Also supplied are 20mm self tapping screws for use when fixing to timber.


There are two brackets provided per blind. The first bracket is the Chain Drive and the other is the Pin End bracket. The Chain Drive bracket goes to the side that has the operating chain.


Position the brackets flush at the end of the window frame and screw into place using 2 screws per bracket. The chain drive bracket will go to the side that you have allocated to have the control chain.


When you place the order our factory deducts 5mm off of the width of your window opening. This is to ensure that the blinds operates correctly and efficiently and allows clearance for mounting to prevent tight installations. (Position the Chain Drive bracket hard up against the inside reveal and the pin end at the opposite side and screw into place). Recess brackets have the option to screw into place via top mounting or side mounting.


Slot the blind into the pin end bracket first. Next slot the chain end into the opposite bracket until it clicks into place. Make sure the blind is securely in place before you attempt to open or close the blind. If installing a large blind two people will be required to eliminate risk of dropping and damaging the blind.