Venetian blinds come supplied with 2 installation brackets and centre brackets with larger sized blinds. Also supplied are 20mm self tapping screws for use when fixing to timber. Always handle your blind by the metal head rail.

  1. The end brackets can be used at either side of the blind. The end brackets need to be mounted at the far edges of the architrave using the screws provided if fixing to timber.
  2. Space the centre support brackets (if supplied) evenly making sure that centre bracket is more than 900mm apart or will interfere with the internal workings of the head rail.
  3. Screw 2 screws per bracket through each bracket and into the architrave of the window.
  4. Hold the blind from underneath the head rail and slide the ends of the blinds into the end brackets. Then slide the hook of the front lip of the centre bracket (where supplied) over the head rail whilst holding the head rail at a slight angle.
  5. Rotate the head rail up into the rear of the bracket and lock into place. (see diagram below)
  6. Slide the end bracket covers over the front of the blind to prevent the blind from coming out of the bracket.
  7. Finally attach the child safety device and make sure the cords are kept out of the reach of children.