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Aluminium Venetian 25mm


Budget Blinds Online Aluminium Venetian Blinds are the ultimate blind for both privacy and heat control. Smooth, elegant Aluminium venetian Blinds control the light at a touch, transforming rooms from bright and breezy to soft and subtle. The timeless style of Budget Blinds Online Aluminium Venetian's are available in a wide range of various colours to suit all of your needs.

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Installation Guide Recess  

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Sub Total

Width - 450mm minimum - 3000mm maximum

Drop - 600mm minimum -2700mm maximum

Maximum area under warranty - 6 square meters


Head Rail

Width - 25mm

Height - 24mm

Thickness - 0.5mm

Material - roll formed steel, painted

Colour - co-ordinated with blade colour


Bottom Rail

Width - 19.5mm

Height - 10mm

Thickness - 0.5mm

Material - roll formed steel, painted

Colour - co-ordinated with blade colour


Blade Size                  

Width - 25mm

Thickness - 0.21mm

Material - high tensile aluminium



Dimensions  - 1.4mm diameter with reinforced core

Material - 100% polyester, heat set, non stretch

Colour - co-ordinated with blade colour and ladders

Control cords length - 750mm

Cord spacing - 750mm maximum spacing of lift cords

Cord holes - 3.5mm x 11mm

End spacing - 100mm for widths 400-599mm                  

                      150mm for widths above 600mm


String Ladders

Rung width - 28mm

Pitch - 20mm

Material - 100% polyester, yard dyed, heat set, none stretch

Colour - colour co-ordinated with blade colour and cords


Tilt and Lift Components

Mechanism - 7mm hexagonal transparent plastic wand attached to polycarbonate tilter mechanism with heave duty metal gears for reliable operation

Colour - clear transparent colour


Cord lock

Material - knurled brass roller with cord guides in moulded steel housing

Colour -  silver    


Installation Brackets

End mounted - polycarbonate transparent

Spring loaded centre support - zinc plated steel


Child Safety

Breakaway tassles are fitted to each blind so that they will separate into 2 pieces when pressure is applied to the cords.

Cleats also supplied to ensure that the cords can be tied up and out of the way when blind is pulled up.           


Delivery time is 14-21 days from ordering, however this may be extended over the Christmas period. Please call our sales team on 1300 547 408 for ordering blinds and estimated delivery time between December 15th through till January 9th.

Budget Blinds Online will deliver your goods to the address you have provided on the order form for delivery*. We will immediately despatch the order upon completion. Deliveries are Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. Budget Blinds Online use outside Freight companies to deliver your orders and cannot be held responsible for any delays that may occur once the goods have left our premises.

Whilst we shall endeavour to meet the delivery date specified on your order confirmation, we can only go by the date given to us by the Freight Company.